Gaia America’s Unique Investment Opportunities


One Health is a portfolio of health service providers integrated through Gaia’s technology. Their goal is to provide excellent care, serving a wide range of patient needs, keeping a continuity of service by maintaining the patient inside the One Health network.

Property Development

Global Town is an exciting development in a rapidly growing part of Texas. It’s a hybrid development which combines residential and retail units with business and recreation to give a vibrant new twist to urban living.

Joint Venture

Our management team is open to discussing joint venture opportunities with you. If you have a any joint venture ideas, please fell free to contact us or call us at 001-972-720-1000.

Who We Are

The Gaia America management team brings an enormous wealth of business and legal experience to bear on the variety of challenges faces by the foreign investor seeking a route to success in America.

Immigration to the United States

The process of obtaining visas and immigrating to the United States can be complex and frustrating.  Gaia America can facilitate this. Its team of expert  immigration attorneys works with clients to smooth the path to living and or working in the US. These services go beyond just the immigration process. Gaia can assist with education, wellness, personal finance, establishing credit and help with real estate transactions.

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